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Flawless service and an excellent reputation are the keys to business growth in the funeral industry today. View our 5 Phase Program and learn how our system is designed to improve your cash flow and profitability.
Meet the team of experts:
Scott Newton, Mark Groeneman, Darrell Simpson, Frank Sessions, Tim Maassen, Jeff Hicks, Alan McGrew, Scott Payne, Lisa Streiff, Suzi Agee, Janice Christensen, Dorothy Green, Esther Huddleston and Megan Flores. Together they work with you to make your business great! If you would like to become part of our valuable team, please visit our Career Opportunities page.
Our five phase program includes:
Client satisfaction
, growth strategies, organizational development, effective training and profits through excellence. Our system is designed to be implemented over time to effect permanent change.
You will discover that an investment with Graystone is a lifetime investment in your business success!  

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5 Phase Program: client satisfaction | growth strategies | organizational development training | profits through excellence

Scott Newton | Mark Groeneman | Darrell Simpson | Frank Sessions | Tim Maassen | Jeff Hicks | Alan McGrew
Scott Payne | Lisa Streiff | Suzi Agee | Janice Christensen | Dorothy Green | Esther Huddleston | Megan Flores

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832.864.2833 | info@graystoneassociates.com